Pinkanakorn Development Agency (Public Organization)

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February 5, 2556 His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej on Sub. Has been graciously pleased to proclaim that. Whereas it is expedient to establish the office of the city leaned up a public organization under the law on public organizations, public organization established in 2542 by the so called. “The office of the city leaned (S) “referred to as the” APD “and give the name in English as” Pinkanakorn Development Agency (Public Organization) “abbreviated as” PDA “is the location of its headquarters in Chiang Mai.

Pinkanakorn Development Agency (Public Organization)” or “PDA.” to the development of the Chiang Mai area and landing area, or in connection with Mai province. To increase the potential for tourism. And enhance the quality of life of residents in the area. By Royal Decree Establishment of the city leaned ITD 2556 Given the date, February 5, 2556, a 68 year reign. In this office to transfer Safari. Convention and Exhibition honor King’s 7th cycle. To joint management

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